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OW: CRS 104 February Assignment by kateheichou
OW: CRS 104 February Assignment

"Eee hee hee! With all of these, I bet I won't get sick for years!"

Babette's assignment for CRS 104 was to ward off her teacher's incoming illness hex. To counter it, Babette gathered all of the anemone flowers she could find and just- piled em everywhere. The flowers seemed to do the trick for the most part; however, she got bored looking up rituals to combat disease and went out for ice cream instead, so she ended up with mild symptoms and had a cold for a couple days. 

Babette (c) me
OW: CRS 102 February Assignment by kateheichou
OW: CRS 102 February Assignment

"Kihihi! I present to you - the Headache Headband! Ehehe, isn't it lovely? Just makes you want to try it on, hee hee!"

Babette's assignment for CRS 102 was to make a fetish designed to harm someone. After a fair bit of brainstorming, she came up with the Headache Headband! As the name suggests, putting on the headband gives the wearer a massive headache. It subsides when removed, but it takes a few minutes. Babette thought the bows would make it cuter and thus, people would totally want to wear it then pff--

Ahhh sorry this isn't digital like usual! I wanted to make sure I got Bab's assignments done and digital drawings take me a long time; school's been stealing all my free time weEPS--
But I can work on traditional pieces while I'm at school, and I usually like the traditional sketches I do better than the digital ones pFPFFPFT-- Bab's next assignment will likely also be traditional drawing, to make sure I get it done on time. ; v ;

Babette (c) me
Submit this as a new deviation to "Otherlife" when you complete it.
2. Make sure the character answers truthfully! It's not as fun otherwise ;) (Wink)
3. Put the wordcount of the entire submission (rules and questions included) in the description.
4. Feel free to tag other OW members if they haven't filled it out yet, or you want to see their character answer in particular.

Question 1: What's your name, and why did you decide to enroll in Otherworlde Academy?
Kihihi! Hello there, Babette Vanderweiss, at your service! Eee hee, well, I got dreadfully bored just haunting the same old boring streets, so I started traveling! I decided that I wanted to make a bigger and better name for wisps, and to do that I needed to learn more than just turning into a little glowing ball, hee hee! I found out about the Academy through rumors and thought, "Gracious! This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, hm-hm!"

Question 2: What classes have you taken so far, and what do you think of them?
I'm just a first-year, hee hee! I'm enrolled in Hexing 102 and 104 at the moment. So far they seem quite fun! In fact, just last month I got to catch a rabbit for 104!

Question 3: Who is your favorite teacher?
Well, I've only got one - Haku! I haven't spoken with him much, but he certainly seems like an interesting person, hee hee!

Question 4: Social skills time! What friends have you made here in the academy?
Ehe, well, I haven't exactly made "close" friends, but I have met some lovely people whom I would quite like to get to know better! I've met Chrono, Casper, Zee, Gray, and the lovely witches' coven! I've also got a roommate named Ida, hee hee!

Question 5: And enemies, those are important. Did you make any enemies?
Erm, not that I know of? Who knows! Lots of people don't take kindly to pranking, ehe...

Question 6: See anyone attractive that you might have a crush on? ;D Be honest!
Ah, regrettably, I've yet to form any sort of, ah, romantic feelings for anyone here. I certainly wouldn't mind it, though, kihihi!

Question 7: Do you support any ships/pairings at the academy?
Hmmm! Well, I can't say I'm the best at keeping track of such things, ehe... I do know of Chrono and one of the teachers, Helmy. They're quite cute, hee hee! And I believe I heard the name "Coleander" getting tossed around. I haven't met Oleander, but I hope Casper's, ah, not... overwhelmed, I suppose? He seems to be quite shy around others, but if he's doing fine, then that's good, hee hee!

Question 8: What weaknesses are you trying to make up for in your studies?
Ehehe... eh... well...

Hrrm... all I currently know how to do is, ehm, turn into a wisp. Which is, ehe, basically just a, um, a talking ball of glowy... things. Ah, but I'm learning a good bit in Hexing as well, so not to worry, kihi!

Question 9: If you suddenly switched bodies with the person (or a person) from Question 5, what would you do?
Hmm! Well, I can't say I'd know for sure, but the pranking possibilities could be endless, hee hee!

Question 10: What if you switched bodies from the person in Number 6?
Would, ah, in that case, would I just... not switch bodies...??? At all???

Question 11: Do you know any upperclassmen?
I do know Chrono and Ida. I believe Zee is also an upperclassman, ehe! Some of the witches are, as well.

Question 12: Who scares you the most in the academy? Student, teacher, etc.
Scares, hm? Why, I can't say that I've encountered anyone who I think is frightening, ehe! I certainly wouldn't want to anger a teacher, though. They are professors here for a reason, after all!

Question 13: Who inspires you the most in the academy? Student, teacher, etc.
Ah, well, I'm not really one to find much inspiration in my surroundings, ehe. But I do think if I chose to, ah, be inspired by someone, I'd likely take inspiration from Chrono! He seems to be very hard-working, and I've seen him display quite the skill in elementalism, hee hee!

Question 14: If you had to kill one student who wasn't in Question 5, who would you pick?
Ah, who knows; maybe the day will arise when Babette Vanderweiss just broils with bloodlust! But not today, certainly. 

Question 15: Is there anyone on campus you would die for to protect them?
Another heavy question, hm! I've yet to form bonds strong enough with people to be willing to die for... but perhaps, in the future, I'd like to have that kind of bond.

Tag any characters at the end!

Ida - :iconjeanawei:
Zee - :iconwasthatyourcake24:
Lucy - :iconthatpartwhereiart: (if she hasn't already been tagged! ovo )
Samhain - :iconviralremix:
Takai - :icontakai-yubikiri:
OW Quiz: Babette Edition
Word count: 805

I got tagged by :iconbluebluefox: ! O v O 
I'm tagging:
:iconjeanawei: , :iconwasthatyourcake24: , :iconthatpartwhereiart: , :iconviralremix: , and :icontakai-yubikiri: ! hAVE FUUNNNNNNN

ALSO ALSO - I just wanted to say that I know I've been super late or inactive with my rps aND I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY UGUU
But I'm hoping that I'll have some free time in the future, so if I can, I'd really like to rp again with you guys that I rped with before, and also start some new ones! I'll likely be late in responding, but I would still very much like to branch out and meet the people in this group cause gODDAMN YOU GUYS ARE TOO COOL UGUU


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