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OW: CRS 104 March Assignment by kateheichou
OW: CRS 104 March Assignment

"Ah, I'm looking for iris flowers or hyssop! Hee hee, they're very lovely, so I thought I'd look for them."

Here's Babette's assignment for CRS 104! Her assignment was to find materials to either protect against an injury hex or use in a purification ritual for the same purpose. Right before she started looking, she happened to meet Chrono at one of the cafes. After they got to talking a bit, he offered to help her out with her assignment! The two of them found some hyssop to use for the assignment.
(there was also a hungry venus flytrap and bab was like "well i ain't goin' near that" so thus
piggyback ride )

Chrono (c) :iconbluebluefox:
Babette (c) me
OW: CRS 102 March Assignment by kateheichou
OW: CRS 102 March Assignment

Here is Babette's assignment for CRS 102! Her job was to create an extender to help channel her hexing magic. Since she thought they looked the coolest, she decided to go with a wand. 

Her wand is made of willow wood (she got it stained a violet-ish hue because she likes purple pff--), with an amethyst core (to help channel spirit and air magic) and a strand of her hair to act as an attachment.

Babette (c) me
OW: Babette Year 2 by kateheichou
OW: Babette Year 2


"Kihihi, pleasure to make your acquaintance! Babette Vanderweiss, at your service!"

:bulletblack: Basic Information :bulletblack:

Name: Babette Vanderweiss

Age: 18 

Height: 4'10" (147 cm) without the hat, about 5'8" (173 cm) with the hat

Species: Will-o'-the-wisp
        Will-o'-the-wisps are creatures who can take the form of small, glowing ball-like... things, and lead travelers astray from proper, safe paths.


        - Flight: All will-o'-the-wisps (at least in Babette's family) are capable of flight. Babette's feet rarely touch the ground.

        - Transformation: More or less. She can shift between her more humanoid form and an actual wisp, where she's basically a floating ball of glowy stuff. She's completely harmless in this form - all she can do is float around and giggle (she can talk a bit as well, but her voice sounds like it's coming through a filter). If somebody touches her when she's a wisp, she'll revert back to her human form involuntarily.

        - Minor hexing: She's learned some hexing from her classes, such as how to ward off minor hexes and hex objects.

:bulletblack: Academic Information :bulletblack:

Level: Intermediate

Current Classes: 

        - CRS 202: Ritual Components

        - CRS 203: Ancient Grimoires

        - CRS 204: Ancient Curses

Passed Classes: CRS 102, CRS 104

Experience: 90

:bulletblack: Personal Information :bulletblack:


        - Spooking people and giving them the heebie-jeebies. It's probably her favorite hobby pff--

        - Pranking people; this often goes hand-in-hand with spooking them.

        - Other people who also like to prank

        - Stirring up trouble / drama pffft

        - (trying to) Cook; she acts like a professional chef when in reality, her food usually looks like something exploded on a plate.

        - Cake, especially with whipped cream

        - Or just whipped cream by itself

        - Basically if it's a sweet dessert-type food, she'll like it.

        - Her humongous hat and sleeves; she thinks they make her seem less midget-y.

        - Candles, especially ones that smell like sugar cookies

        - The color purple


        - Gossiping / eavesdropping


        - Getting caught / in trouble, usually when her spooks/pranks get someone important's attention pPFF--

        - Walking / traveling on the ground, or being forced on ground level

        - Any sort of bitter food or drink 

        - People who can't take a joke; she views them as being "no fun."

        - Not being able to give someone the heebie-jeebies (i.e., if someone's very difficult to faze or scare).

        - Not having her hat; it mega-boosts her height.

        - Getting her feet dirty

        - Mud; see above.

        - Chains; they make her antsy.

        - Tight spaces; they give her very little room to maneuver and make her nervous.

        - Monotony, as she gets bored quickly.


        - Captivity. Babette's greatest fear is being trapped, whether it's being stuck in a small room, being literally chained down, or anything that would prevent her from moving around freely. She feels defenseless and in danger in any situation she views as captivity, and often becomes too panicky to logically think of ways to escape.

        - Claustrophobia. This mainly ties in to her fear of captivity. She hates confined spaces because they limit her range of maneuverability, at least in the air (where she spends most of her time), and make her feel more vulnerable or at risk.

        - Minor hydrophobia. Really, it's not a very big fear; she just worries a bit about her ridiculous sleeves dragging her down if she gets stuck in water. If she doesn't have her sleeves on, she's fine.


        - Babette has excellent aerial agility. She pull off all sorts of crazy stunts - twists, turns, flips, and the like - as long as she's in the air.

        - She's not easily fazed, especially not by things that are typically viewed as scary or creepy. She just giggles and doesn't take it seriously.

        - She's excellent at gathering information. This is due to her gossipy / eavesdropping nature lol.

        - Babette adapts well to sudden changes in plans or events. This is because said changes are often her fault pfff--

        - She's capable of taking hits, just not too many.

        - Because she loves to stir up trouble, she's pretty good at causing distractions.


        - She is incredibly unreliable. Because she's so fickle, she can easily change her mind and completely throw off plans, or fail to show up 
at important events. Never ask her to watch your plants for the weekend.

        - Physically, she's quite weak. Just look at those chicken legs lmao. Her legs are especially weak, as she rarely does any walking. Though she can take hits, she can't dish them out because what is muscle mass. This is part of why she wants to learn hexing.

        - She doesn't take things seriously, so it's difficult to get her to recognize the severity of a situation.

        - Does NOT do well in tight spaces.

        - She's completely useless in her wisp form, unless you want a giggling nightlight.

        - She often gets herself into bad situations due to her curiosity / trouble-making antics. Curiosity killed the Babette.


        To learn better ways to cause mischief. Also: to travel the world so she can see everything and earn a more widespread reputation for will-o'-the-wisps.
        Also she's a little shit but she does want to make friends. :icongtthplz:


        Babette is very fickle and unreliable. It's not uncommon for her to change her mind in the blink of an eye. She tends to be noncommital and unpredictable because she's so prone to abruptly switching gears. Babette is a major gossip and loves to eavesdrop on other people, and is usually the one to instigate or start trouble. She's a very mischievous person, loving to spook, prank, and cause trouble. If she's bored or needs to, she can be a very smooth liar when instigating something. Babette is very adaptable and performs well in adverse situations, and is self-confident, but not to an obnoxious degree. Though her favorite pastime is gossiping, she knows when to keep her mouth shut if she really needs to. She doesn't take things seriously or think about consequences, often landing her into lots of trouble or causing her to underestimate the severity of bad situations. She works well alone. Babette is very curious and gets bored quickly, which is part of why she wants to travel so much. She acts very fickle and childish, but she's naturally social and likes to meet new people.


        "There's got to be more to life than this."

        Babette comes from a very large family of will-o'-the-wisps, lots of cousins, siblings, uncles/aunts. However, the Vanderweiss wisps were always stationary, having haunted the same pathways for generations. Babette grew tired of the monotony - same roads, same landscapes, nothing ever changing. When she was about 16, Babette announced to her family that she would be leaving to travel the world and haunt newer places. She got a lot of backlash and cries of "No, you can't!" and "We've been here for ages. That's how it's always been!", but she couldn't stand it anymore. So against her family's wishes, Babette left home and started traveling, trying to find better places to haunt.

        However, no matter where she haunted, no travelers paid her any heed; she was just a ball of giggly light that everyone dismissed as a "trick of the light." Frustrated, Babette decided that she needed to learn better tricks for mischief-making and leading travelers astray. Unfortunately, she gave everybody she talked to the creeps, which she thought was funny, of course, but she could never learn anything. After a few months of wandering and searching for information, Babette eavesdropped on happened to overhear a hushed conversation about a certain academy for dark arts.

        "I hear they call it the... the Otherworlde Academy."

        After thinking on it for approximately .02 seconds, Babette decided that she would seek out this "Otherworlde Academy" and enroll to learn better magic. (P.S. - when she got there, she thought the campus was spooky and immediately loved it. Totes would help out her whole spooking-people hobby.)

        During her first year at Otherworlde, Babette's learned some hexes and how to protect herself against minor curses. She's also managed to make some friends, and was invited into the witch's coven as the giggling nightlight pff--

Misc. Information:

        - Has a small nose and a somewhat W-shaped mouth. Also has prominent shadows under her eyes.
        - Likes cooking... but she can't cook worth shit. It's extremely not recommended to eat one of her abominations attempts at making food.

        - Giggles a lot. I imagined her as having the voice of Midna from Twilight Princess!

        - All the wisps, at least in Babette's family, wear flowy clothes with huge sleeves, so where she comes from, her clothing style is nothing unusual...

        - ... except for her hat. It was dropped by a witch and Babette happened to see it lying around, so she started wearing it when she realized it made her taller. She also thinks it makes her look spookier pFFF--

        - All the Vanderweiss wisps are small / short in stature. In fact, Babette legit had no idea how short she was until she started traveling and realized how tall other people were.

        - "Vanderweiss" isn't actually Babette's family's last name; it's the name of the street system they haunt. They use it as identification, putting it behind their given names like a surname.

        - She likes to hover at eye level with other people so that she isn't constantly craning her neck to look at people.

        - Has very odd eating habits and sleep patterns, which is mainly why she's so scrawny and has such prominent shadows below her eyes. (Note: in Babette's family, odd eating / sleeping habits are common, so they've pretty much all got the same scrawniness / eye shadows as Babette.)

        - Wisps don't age normally; they grow up like normal humans for several years, then stop sometime between their late teens or twenties. Babette stopped when she was about seventeen and a half years old.

:bulletblack: Roleplay Information :bulletblack:

Chatroom Availability: Usually only for events; I often forget to check them.

IM Availability: You can catch me pretty often on Skype! Sometimes I do log out and forget to log back in for a couple days, though. (my user is katie-bby9 !) I'm on deviantart pretty frequently, so notes work just fine too! 
UPDATE: I've been very busy with school and I don't have as much time as I'd like to rp, so my replies can be kind of sporadic. I would very much like to get to know some of the awesome characters here and hopefully start back up rps with people I've already met! ;v;

How did you find #OtherWorlde?: viralremix invited me! (PS THANK YOU VERY MUCH UHU) I'd also heard about it in the past.

Script Sample: 

        Babette: Eee hee hee! Come on, come on! That path's no fu-u-u-un. *she floats in front of the traveler in her wisp form, drifting off to the left. The man looks confused, turning his head to find the source of the voice.* No, no, this way, this way! Over here, kihihi! *the traveler faces Babette and widens his eyes. He seems bewildered.* Kikiki, ye-e-es, there you go! Follow me, this way! It'll be so much fun. Hee hee!

Paragraph Sample: 

        Messing with travelers was so much fun. Babette giggled as she floated in front of the traveler in her wisp form, laughing at his expression. She could usually get travelers' attention, but actually getting them to follow her off the path was another thing entirely.
        "No, no, this way, this way!" she called to the man, causing him to look at her, bewildered. She laughed and bounced off to the left. "Follow me, this way! It'll be so much fun. Hee hee!"


| :bulletgreen: - Likes | :bulletblack: - Dislikes | :bulletblue: - Unsure | :bulletyellow: - Interested By | :bulletpurple: - Saddened By | :bulletwhite: - Fearful Of | :bulletpink: - Crushing On | :bulletred: - Love |

Casper :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

        Babette thinks he's very shy, but a nice person. She's curious about what gave him the scars on his mouth, but doesn't want to offend him by asking. He got her some cookies one time, so that's always nice. She'd like to get to know him more.

Gray :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletblue:

        She doesn't know him very well; he just grabbed her one day for an assignment because he needed a light. She's interested by his monster arm and would like to get to know him a bit more.

Lucy :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

        Lucy is a very sweet person, and her hat is fantastic. The whole concept of being a tailor witch is very interesting to Babette, and she'd like to get to know Lucy better.

Ida :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:

        Babette's new roommate. Ida seems like a very interesting person! Babette still doesn't know a whole lot about Ida's past, so she'd like to know Ida better.

Chrono :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

        Very nice person! Also seems a bit melancholy, though. He was one of her targets for the Secret Santa, and she made him a pair of punny earmuffs. He got her some sugar cookies, which was very sweet! Babette likes talking with him and is intrigued with his being a weather mage. If she can, she'd like to hang out with him more in the future.

Orielle :bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

        A new friend of Babette. Very enthusiastic about music and quite good at playing it, which Babette can't do at all pff-- She's a very amiable person and Bab would like to get to know her more.

Zee :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

        Pranking pal! Babette finds his gap ability to be very interesting, not to mention perfect for pranking. She wouldn't mind hanging out with him sometime.

Sinclair :bulletyellow::bulletblue:

        They met rather briefly once; Babette thought he was kind of funny, what with his insistence on her switching her all-purple pallet for a red one.

Tishna :bulletyellow::bulletblue:

        One of the members of the witches' coven. Babette doesn't know her very well, but she'd like to.

Cressida :bulletyellow::bulletblue:

        Another member of the witches' coven that Babette met briefly at the holiday dance. She doesn't know her well, but would like to.

Melusine :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

        A fellow prank-lover who's always a lot of fun. They met when they were both doing an assignment and ended up trying to prank each other. Babette would like to hang out with her more.



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