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Ophelia by kateheichou
My take on the scene where Ophelia drowns in Hamlet.

This is for a Hamlet project I'm doing in my English class! I chose to make a scrapbook centered around/told by Ophelia, and for sOME UNGODLY REASON I DECIDED "HEY. LET'S DRAW ALL OF THE PICTURES IN IT EVEN THOUGH IT'S DUE IN TWO DAYS." Once I've got the whole project finished, I'll probably upload it in one big post aha-

I also found a new way of coloring aND I REALLY LIKE IT??????

Ophelia (c) William Shakespeare
Art by me
Little Pokio: Holly by kateheichou
Little Pokio: Holly
FOR THIS RAD GROUP :iconlittlepokio:

Name: Holly

Pokemon: Lapras

Birthday: October, 30

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unsure

Faction: N / A


Ability: Shell Armor


        -    Surf

        -    Waterfall

        -    Strength

        -    Ice Beam

Battle Stats: 

Attack: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Defense: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Speed: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Sp. Attack: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Sp. Defense: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty:

Occupation: Aquarium veterinarian

Town of Residence: East Port

Height: 5’0”


Personality: Detail-Oriented | Analytical | Observant | Quiet | Shy | Dependable | Rule-Abiding | Logical | Chatterbox | Anxious | Caring | Serious | Discreet | Soft-spoken

Holly has an excellent memory, being able to recall all sorts of details that she’s observed. Because of this, she is very detail-oriented and precise with her work and other activities. She takes note of all her surroundings, including people, and has learned to analyze the details she observes to get an impression of the things and people around her. She thinks very logically, preferring to think things through thoroughly before acting; as a result, she is never impulsive and hates taking any risks. Due to her dislike for risk-taking, she is very much a rule follower and believes that rules exist for a reason. Unless something is obviously trivial or a joke, she takes everything seriously; she can’t tell sarcasm apart from regular speech unless the tone is really obvious.

She tends to be shy in most situations, preferring not to speak unless spoken to; this is partly because she listens to nearby conversations to learn more about other people. However, if she gets involved in a conversation topic that interests her, she’ll rattle on and on, spouting practically everything she knows about the subject. Naturally caring, she easily empathizes with others’ troubles and worries for their sake. This causes her to be nervous and worry constantly, though, and she often fears the worst-case scenario and does whatever she can to prevent it. She speaks quietly, doing her best not to be intrusive. During her time as a veterinarian, she’s learned how to be tactful and polite, talking in a manner that quickly delivers information without seeming insensitive. Because she’s so soft-spoken, though, she doesn’t know how to speak up for herself or refuse requests she’d prefer not to take.


Holly grew up in a "well-to-do" sort of family, not poor or struggling, with married parents. However, her parents divorced when Holly was ten; her mother won custody, so Holly lived with her mother. Holly’s mother didn’t cope well with the divorce and became emotionally manipulative, borderline abusive (though not physically), and Holly became more withdrawn. To distract herself from her home problems, Holly put all of her focus into school and enrolled in classes above her grade level; she was stressed but it took her mind off of her issues at home. Her mother constantly pressured her to get some sort of job to help support the two of them, as the mother made minimum wage, but Holly was so busy with schoolwork that she couldn’t find any time for a job.

Holly quickly became interested in psychology and veterinary medicine throughout high school. She had an excellent memory and performed well in school, so she passed her classes with high grades and finished high school two years ahead of her classmates. She planned to go to an out-of-town college to become a veterinarian and study psychology (on humans and animals).

On her graduation night after the ceremony, however, Holly’s mother found out about her daughter’s plans to leave town to attend college—effectively leaving her mother to live on her own. Her mother snapped and it led to a massive argument that ended with Holly getting slapped in the face twice. For good reason, Holly was very upset and had had enough of dealing with her mother; she packed up all of her things and moved in with another relative (her father was too far away from the college she was going to). Once she started college, she did the same thing she'd done in high school and took higher grade level classes so she could graduate earlier. Holly graduated with degrees in human and animal psychology and veterinary medicine, and got an internship as a vet assistant upon leaving college. Eventually, she became a full-fledged veterinarian. Not long afterwards, she moved to Little Pokio and got a job as an aquarium vet.

Relationships: TBA


        - Her normal expression is usually a worried one, even if she’s feeling all right, so she always looks like she’s nervous about something.

        - Often gets stuck doing jobs she doesn’t want to do because she can’t bring herself to turn the person down.

        - Has terrible vision, so she wears contacts. She has a pair of glasses at home too.

        - Always gets very attached to the animals she takes care of and becomes upset for days if they get sick or die, even if it was just from old age and not because she couldn't save them from an injury or illness.

        - She often stays up very late working, but she doesn’t like coffee. As a result, she usually ends up falling asleep at work. She’s actually started keeping spare clothes and bathroom things in her office so she can just shower at work.

        - She’ll wring her hair when she gets particularly nervous.

        - Likes wearing her white doctor’s coat, makes her feel official and all.

        - Because she constantly fears not having the right supplies if she gets an injured animal, she always keeps a surplus supply of anything that doesn’t expire.

        - Hangs out with the aquarium animals in their tanks whenever she can, so she and the animals are bros pff—

        - Can’t stand when people tap on the glass of the aquarium tanks and always tries to get someone to make an intercom announcement not to tap on the tanks.

        - Doesn’t eat seafood. She really likes parfait, especially strawberry.

        - Fave spot to hang out in the aquarium is the walk-through marine tube.

OW: CRS 104 March Assignment by kateheichou
OW: CRS 104 March Assignment

"Ah, I'm looking for iris flowers or hyssop! Hee hee, they're very lovely, so I thought I'd look for them."

Here's Babette's assignment for CRS 104! Her assignment was to find materials to either protect against an injury hex or use in a purification ritual for the same purpose. Right before she started looking, she happened to meet Chrono at one of the cafes. After they got to talking a bit, he offered to help her out with her assignment! The two of them found some hyssop to use for the assignment.
(there was also a hungry venus flytrap and bab was like "well i ain't goin' near that" so thus
piggyback ride )

Chrono (c) :iconbluebluefox:
Babette (c) me


kateheichou's Profile Picture
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United States
yoooooooooooo just some person with too many ocs and otps yes

School keeps me pretty busy, so not as much time for digital drawing as I'd like ono

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